The Wool 'N' Cotton Shop
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Quality products!
A Quilter's Hardware store... Bolts, Spools, and Tools.
  Let us help you with all your quilting needs. 
The Wool 'N' Cotton Shop 
 503 South State St., Bronte, Tx. 76933
9:30 -4:00
We will be closed, Thursday, May 26th and opening Friday (27th)and Saturday (28th)  at 3:00pm.

If you are traveling any distance to arrive at our store, we highly recommend you contact us before making the drive. 

As a member of the 
United States Post Office
I am occasionally closed due to running the route. We would hate for you to get here and we  missed you.

The secret to quality quilts?
Our site is currently underconstruction. 
Getting a new look and preparing for 

Row by Row Experience.